DILLON, 2012 AU-12-SLI-2505 COCK

Dillon, a grandson of our foundation cock 6678, was 2012 Champion Young Bird Great Salt Lake Combine and was awarded Registered AU Ace for the 2012 YB season. He is a medium-small cock that is buoyant and well balanced with a strong back, one pin tail and really good feathering. He has fiery orange eyes. His full sister, SLI-2518, was combine 1st place and AU Ace winner as well. In the breeding loft, Dillon is proving to be as good a breeder as he was a racer. Sire to 6th Combine Champ YB in 2016. Visit us at www.royersloft.com.

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Name: Dillon
Year: 2012
Sex: cock
Id Band: AU-12-SLI-2505
2nd Band: ----
Status: GSLC Donation
Color: blue bar
Eye: brilliant orange
Leg: ----
Markings: ----
Family: 6678/Bleus Le Mans/Ikon/Hofkens
Last Owner: Skyline Loft


Year S Band Id Name Description
2011 c AU-11-SLI-1315 Howie
A son of our foundation cock, Howie flew nine races in 2011 young bird series for Gap View Loft in the Central Jersey Combine. His best performance was 16th club vs. 244 birds, 41st combine vs. 2804 birds 100 mile race. His dam is a direct daughter of the famous Bleus Le Mans cock bred and flown by Wout Spierings. This is a very stout, beautiful cock who has proven to be a great breeder. He has sired, along with multiple combine diploma birds, two registered AU Ace Pigeon YB, including Combine Champion Y.B. in 2012. In the 2015 AU Convention Race final two daughters placed 28th and 68th North Section. In 2017 a son was 3rd GSLC Combine Champion OB. And what a personality! He definitely thinks he is master of his universe! Visit us at www.royersloft.com.

Year S Band Id Name Description
2006 h IF-06-DWI-25 Sami
Flown as a YB and Yearling OB. Won at least one race for Sam Haslem each year. First bird back on most races flown. Sami came home on tough days first and faster races first. Best bird that he has personally flown. A medium small hen with great balance, buoyancy, feathering, and a one pin tail. Dam to two registered AU Ace Pigeon YB, including Combine Champion Y.B. in 2012. Visit us at www.royersloft.com.


Year S Band Id Name Description
2013 h AU-13-SLI-3475 Endeavor
Endeavor was entered in Ken Easley's Royal Racing Pigeon Invitational OLR as a young bird. On a smash 150 mile race from which only five birds returned, she was discovered coming home 3 days later by walking up the driveway. What heart and determination! She was best overall average speed up until one week before the smash. Rather than run the risk of losing her she was brought home. Endeavor is a small-medium built hen with great feathering, muscle and balance. She is very buoyant and feels like she could fly for days. Used primarily for line breeding prior to 2018, she was dam of 4th Combine 335m and the 17th Champion YB in the 2018 GSLC Combine. Rated 11.5 by Freddy Rivera as a breeder. Visit us at www.royersloft.com
2014 u AU-14-SLI-4464
Entered in the 2014 Golden Spike Futurity.
2014 h AU-14-SLI-4437 4437
4437 was lost during the early training of the 2014 YB season. When she came home three weeks later we put her into rehab and then started road training. She finished the season by being our 1st bird home on the last three races of the season from 200, 300 and 340 miles which was good enough to be 16th place Champion YB of the GSLC Combine. 4437 is a smaller sized hen with that exhibited incredible form every week. She has excellent balance, muscle, feathering and a very good wing. She has tight vents and a one pin tail.
2015 h AU-15-SLI-5637
Flown out to 335m as a yearling. Flown sparingly in preparation for 2017 OB.
2016 c AU-16-SLI-6355 6355
Injured early in the YB season. Rehabilitated and flown out to 300m as YB, 2nd to loft.
2016 h AU-16-SLI-6364 6364
Flown out to 335m as YB, 1st to loft. 6th GSLC Combine Champ YB.
2016 u AU-16-SLI-6394 6394
Apple Cup Yearling Classic OLR
2016 u AU-16-SLI-6395 6395
Apple Cup Yearling Classic OLR
2016 u AU-17-SLI-634
2016 u AU-17-SLI-635
2017 u AU-17-SLI-654
2017 u AU-17-SLI-655
2017 u AU-18-SLI-104
2017 u AU-18-SLI-105
2018 u AU-18-SLI-124
2018 u AU-18-SLI-125

Full Siblings

Year S Band Id Name Description
2013 c AU-13-SLI-3455 3455
1st drop, 1st to loft on 2 out of 5 races flown. 140m, 170m, 200m, 260m, 300m. Very consistent in the 2103 YB series. Flown 170m, 200m, 259m, 307m 259m, 307m, 200m in the 2014 OB series.
2013 h AU-13-SLI-3467 3467
Flown 140m, 170m, 200m, 260m, 170m, 200m in 2013 YB series. Flown 170m, 200m, 259m, 307m, 259m, 307m, 200m in 2014 OB series.
2014 h AU-14-SLI-4462 Christie
Flown in the Golden Spike Futurity by Ken Christopher through the whole series. Came home late the second day on a tough head wind race that only had three day birds. Full sister to 2505, 2518, and 4448. All were super racers in the GSLC as YB. Christie is a small, typey hen with perfect balance, muscle structure and feather quality. Her personality sealed the deal to put her in the stock loft.
2014 h AU-14-SLI-4448 Samantha
Samantha follows in the footsteps of her illustrious siblings and is a beautiful daughter of our best producing pair. She was our first bird home on two of the first five races in the 2014 YB season. Sam was leading in Champion YB points in the GSLC Combine after 5 races. On a 50 mile midweek training toss from 60 miles, she and four of her loft mates failed to return. Six weeks later 4448 showed up. Even after missing the last four races of the season, she was 16th Champion YB of the GSLC. Samantha came home with a severely injured wing from her first OB race in 2015 and was immediately held. Samantha was a small-medium hen with great balance, muscle, feathering and wing. Died as a result of injuries during 2015 OB season.
2015 h AU-15-SLI-5634
28th place on final AU Convention Race
2015 c AU-15-SLI-5635
68th place final AU Convention Race. Donated by Ken Christopher to a club in Texas. Purchased by Bud Williams. I sent Bud an original pedigree.

Half Siblings by Sire

Year S Band Id Name Description
2016 c AU-16-SLI-6363 6363
Flown out to 335m as YB. 8th GSLC Combine Champion YB.
2016 u AU-17-SLI-632
2016 u AU-17-SLI-633
2017 u AU-17-SLI-652

Half Siblings by Dam

Year S Band Id Name Description
2011 c AU-11-SLI-1317 Fleck
Flew the entire 2011 Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge Series covering 2581 miles, including training flights. His best performance was on the toughest race of the season, a 250 miler from Dillon, Montana, where he placed 125th. While never in the money, he was a tough, consistent performer throughout the series. A beautiful blue check cock that favors his dam and is exceptional in every way. One of our favorites!
2008 c AU-08-DWI-8266 Blue Ikon
Product of a Father x Daughter mating. Both parents are exceptional breeders.
2011 h AU-11-SLI-1306 1306
A product of the Bleus Le Mans line of the Creator Family and our best breeding hen ever, Sami.

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