2008 AU-08-GFL-1079

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A direct daughter of the Bleus Le Mans, winner of a/o 5th Nat'l vs 99,104 old birds at 350 miles. A very beautiful, well built hen that is perfectly proportioned and a wonderful combination, in all aspects, of her illustrious parentage. Dam to multiple combine winners. She definitely puts her stamp on her offspring. Visit us at www.royersloft.com.
2003 NL 0377652-03
Bleus Le Mans
5th Nat'l. Le Mans vs. 99,104, 25th Creil vs. 7,892, 31st Creil vs. 6,747, 20th Hensies vs. 3,761, 32nd vs. St. Quentin vs. 3,065, 47th Heverlee vs, 3,750. In 2007, "Bleus Le Mans" bred the 7th Nat'l. winner from Chateauroux vs, 7,710.
2002 NL 0273745-02
De Kanjer
1st Ace Young Bird W.H.Z.B. All Holland in 2002.
2001 NL 0182011-01
"De Strakke" (GFL "The Creator")
Great racer and phenomenal breeder for Wout Spierings and now Mike Ganus. 1st Etampes vs. 6,989 birds, 4th Etampes 4,852 birds, 5th Creil 5,048 birds. Sire to "De Kanjer" 1st Nat'l Ace All Holland '02; "Snappie" 2nd Section Le Mans vs, 12,880 birds and 7th Nat'l Le Mans vs 120,936 birds; "Het Orleans" 1st Nat'l.; "Silver Lace" 18th Nat'l.; "De Slimme" 2nd Nat'l!
1998 NL 7044309-98
Mother to "Creator" and several other great breeders and racers for Wout Spierings. She was 2nd Creil vs. 5,131, 3rd St Quentin vs. 4,214, 6th Strombeek vs. 4,195, 27th Nijvel vs. 5,503, 103rd Molincourt vs 14, 320, etc.
2001 NL 0181965-01
Mother to Bleus Le Mans
2000 NL 0058226-00
De Loonseboy
1st Ghislain vs. 8,382, 1st Strombeek vs. 4,985
2002 NL 0273734-02
Ultra Violet
Full sister to "Creator". Dam of 5th National Bourges, 4th Champion Ace in combine with 5,000+ members. Superior breeding hen.
1997 NL 1785186-97
Great breeder for Wout Spierings
2000 NL 0080497-00
"Blue Shadow" (GFL "Dawn of Creation")
Good racer and great breeder for Wout Spierings.
1998 NL 1446525-98
"Remie" (GFL "The Natural")
Imported by GFL. Backbone of the "Creator" family from Wout Spierings and a great racer in his own right.
1996 NL 9618104-96
Blue Angel
Mother to "Dawn of Creation" and "Memories"

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