2004 AU-04-GFL-602

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Fabulous breeding cock that produced multiple combine and OLR money winners on different hens.
1998 AU-98-GFL-12
Inbred Olympiade
Direct son of "Super Crack 699" and his daughter, "Olympic Angel".
1992 NL 1360699-92
Super Crack Olympiade 699
1st Holland Olympiade 1994. Best Middle Distance all Holland 1993/1994. Grandsire of Sure Bet.
1996 AU-96-GFL-19
Olympic Angel
Daughter of Super Crack Olympiade 699
1996 AU-96-GFL-231
Direct daughter of "The Godfather" and "Zoontjen's Best" . Family tree is full of Nat'l Aces and Race Winners.
1991 NL 1393719-91
The Godfather
1st Nat'l. Ace All Holland 1994. 12x Club 1st, 5x 1st Ace Pigeon.
1990 NL 9021070-90
Zoontjen's Best

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