2006 IF-06-DWI-25

Sold to Skyline Loft
blue check, Green eye
Flown as a YB and Yearling OB. Won at least one race for Sam Haslem each year. First bird back on most races flown. Sami came home on tough days first and faster races first. Best bird that he has personally flown. A medium small hen with great balance, buoyancy, feathering, and a one pin tail. Dam to two registered AU Ace Pigeon YB, including Combine Champion Y.B. in 2012. Visit us at
2002 AU-02-GFL-1484
Utah Ikon
Has bred, among others, Eq. 1st Shasta Classic One Loft Race, 1st America's King's Cup Florida 400 mile One Loft Race, Eq. 1st 220 mile Spirit of Colorado One Loft Race, Eq. 1st 150 mile and 200 mile Tobacco Valley One Loft Race, 20th place AU convention Race 2005. Three of the first six through the trap at 2008 Southwest Special One Loft Race 320 miles were his grandchildren.
1993 NL 9323197-93
Middle Distance National Ace of all Holland. Tougher breed that wins from 200 to 500 miles.
BELG 4604958-87
CHAMP - Sire to IKON
BELG 4580077-87
1998 98 BELG 6396311
Super Duivin
Super Breeder
1995 95 BELG 6508036
1st Provincial Chateauroux
2005 05 HANZICH 570
Barker Hen
Breeder - Bred by Don Barker. Daughter of his great Vegas Cock and his Van Hove Hofken hen who is a daughter of Michael and Laura. The Barker Vegas Cock won Don Barker over $200,000 in 2003 and 2004 at the Vegas Classic Race. 570 bred equal first Tobacco Valley One Loft Race 150 and 200 mile legs in 2007.
1993 93 BELG 6044801
Hofkens Best
Shipped to 30 races from 1993-1995, won 30 early prizes, including 6 x 1st.
1996 96 NL 2501103
Miss America
1st Limouges, Fond Union
2002 02 BELG 6334622
Daughter of two great Hofken breeders, Michael and Laura.
1998 98 BELG 6593166
Van Hove foundation cock.

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