Login and Account Updates

Software as a service (SAAS) web applications, like PigeonDB.com, need high levels of security to keep users from accessing resources, like pigeons, pairs, etc, that are not in their own account. Toward the goal of security within your account, we’ve changed the way PigeonDB.com works with new login and account updates.

 Account Creation Changes

When you create an account on PigeonDB.com, you are asked just a few simple questions. You’ll need to provide an unique email address, an unique username, your password and your country of origin. Once you’ve provided this, check that you agree with our Terms of Use. Then take the human test, and you are almost done.

There can only be one account associated with one email address. Likewise, there can only be one account associated with one username. If you require multiple accounts, please make sure to use a different email address. We provide email access for a nominal monthly fee. We use your email address to send you notifications, password reset and username reminders. Most importantly, we send you a confirmation request for your new account. Your account can’t function if it is not confirmed.

We’ll will shut down any account using temporary email addresses. There are several reasons for this. But most importantly, we cut down on bots or any other nefarious actors trying to use the system which, in turn, can take valuable computing resources from you.

We changed to the smaller amount of information needed to get you through the process quickly. In addition, we’re proactive about letting you know when you are missing information. This cuts down on the number of times you have to try to create your account only to find out your username is already in use.

Login Changes

Login looks a bit different than it used to and this is because it is designed to work identically across all devices. In addition to this, login now provides more feedback in case you get your username or password wrong. With these changes, we hope that you’ll be able to access your account quickly and without hassle.

Feedback Appreciated

As always, let us know how we can make it easier to use PigeonDB.com.